3 Tips to Handle a Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Forest Hills, NY

Because you just never know when an emergency situation is going to happen, understanding how to handle any type of dental emergency is important. It could even mean the difference between saving a tooth and losing a tooth.

Staying calm during a dental emergency situation

Finding out how to stay calm during a dental emergency is one of the most important things you can learn how to do. It is important for those who tend to become flustered when experiencing an emergency situation to learn how to remain calm, as it is necessary to have a clear head when dealing with any type of dental emergency. Suggestions for remaining calm include taking deep and slow breaths, focusing only on the situation at hand and educating yourself on how to treat certain types of dental emergencies.

Three tips to handle a dental emergency

According to the American Dental Association, when someone has a dental emergency, it is important for them to visit their dentist or an emergency room as soon as possible. The three tips listed below can help anyone understand how to handle a dental emergency.

#1. Damaged teeth

There are a few options when it comes to handling an emergency situation that damages someone’s teeth. If the tooth is broken, then saving any of the broken pieces, if possible, is necessary. Rinsing the mouth with warm water is the next step. If bleeding is involved, then a clean piece of gauze needs to be applied to the area. If a tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth, then it needs to be rinsed off, making sure to only hold it by the crown. While placing the tooth back into the socket is preferred, it can also be placed in a container of water or milk.

#2. Tooth abscess

A tooth abscess means that there is an infection present in the mouth, which can lead to additional dental problems. In order to address this emergency situation, rinsing the mouth several times a day using saltwater is necessary, as this helps reduce any pain and swelling. If a tooth abscess is not treated by a dental professional in a timely manner, it can lead to someone experiencing both damaged teeth and damaged gum tissue.

#3. A lost crown or dental filling

While lost crowns and dental fillings do not happen often, it is a possibility and would require immediate treatment. Placing a lost crown back over the tooth is suggested, which can be done by using a denture adhesive or toothpaste until a dental appointment is made. When comes to treating a lost dental filling, using clove oil can help numb the pain, as well as over-the-counter pain medications. Mold dental wax or temporary dental cement can be placed into the area of the lost filling until replaced by a dental professional.

Have any questions for us?

After reading the above tips, you should feel confident in your ability to handle any dental emergencies. Whether it is you or someone else who experiences an emergency dental situation, when you know how to handle it, there is going to be a better outcome. If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency, then please contact us right now so we can help you with your next steps.

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