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By Richard H. Lestz DDS, PC
May 29, 2019
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Protect the health of your smile at all costs. Know when it’s time to see a dentist.

Accidents can happen at any time. Even though teeth are amazingly resilient, traumatic injuries, accidents, and infections can still take a toll on our smiles. So, what constitutes a true dental emergency and when is it time to see your Forest Hills, NY, emergency dentist Dr. Richard Lestz? It’s time to find out!


Pain of any kind is not normal, no matter how minor or severe. A toothache is usually a warning sign of a cavity, crack, or infection inside the tooth—all of which need to be addressed right away. A toothache will not go away by itself, in fact, it will most likely get worse if left untreated!


A Broken or Cracked Tooth

Some people may not be able to visibly see a crack or fracture in their tooth, but if you suddenly notice that your tooth is extremely sensitive or in pain whenever you chew or bite down, then this is a huge warning sign. A good rule of thumb: If the chip or crack is significant enough to cause pain or if the damage has left the tooth very sharp, then it’s time to visit our Forest Hills office.


A Knocked Out Tooth

This is very obviously a dental emergency and you need to call your dentist right away. It’s important that you come into the office as soon as possible after the incident in order for the re-implanting of the tooth to be successful. This requires that you come in for treatment no later than one hour after the injury.

To recover the tooth, it's important that you gently rinse it with water before either trying to place it back in the socket or in a container of milk or saline solution. After these steps, head directly to our office.

While these are the most common dental emergencies, you should also come into our office immediately if you are dealing with,

  • A loose permanent tooth
  • A soft tissue injury (e.g. cheek; lip) in which bleeding doesn’t go away after 15 minutes
  • A broken restoration (e.g. crown; dentures) or a restoration that falls off
  • Broken braces


Contact us!

Dealing with a true dental emergency in Forest Hills, NY? If so, pick up the phone and call our office immediately at (718) 544-9100. We want to make sure that you get the dental care you need when it matters most!

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