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By Richard H. Lestz DDS, PC
July 17, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Are you about to walk down the aisle? If so, you may have suddenly realized that your perfect wedding dress has suddenly made your smile look a little less than radiant. Don’t worry! Our Forest Hills, NY, cosmetic dentist Dr. Richard Lestz can easily help you get your smile several shades whiter before the big day thanks to professional teeth whitening.

Not All Whitening Systems are Created Equal

Different whitening products have different strengths. While all whitening gels contain some form of peroxide to help break down stain molecules in tooth enamel there are a variety of different concentrations.

Drugstore whitening kits and strips may contain anywhere from 3 to 15 percent peroxide while in-office whitening gels can contain anywhere from 15 to nearly 40 percent peroxide. This means that professional whitening gel, which contains a higher concentration of peroxide, doesn’t need to stay on teeth nearly as long to produce the ideal results. This is why patients see immediate results with in-office whitening but it may take weeks to see results with at-home systems.

Whitening Won’t Work on All Stains

There are some stains that are ideal for whitening treatment and others that may be a little tougher to treat. Professional whitening is best for yellow stains caused by dark foods and drinks, which can stain enamel over time. Our teeth also get darker as we get older but whitening can easily brighten aging teeth.

Brown stains caused by smoking may require multiple whitening sessions and blue or grey stains, which are internal and often caused by certain medications or excessive fluoride exposure, are least likely to respond to professional whitening. This is something to discuss with your Forest Hills, NY, family dentist before turning to professional teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Only Works on Natural Teeth

If you have a lot of dental work such as fillings, crowns, or bridges it’s important to know that even professional whitening won’t be able to whiten artificial structures, only real tooth enamel. If you are worried about the contrast between your teeth and dental work after whitening, we can also replace your dental work so that it blends in with your whiter smile.

In-Office Teeth Whitening is the Fastest Option

If your wedding (or a special occasion) is coming up and you need a whiter smile fast then the best option is going to be chairside teeth whitening performed by our dentist. In anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes we could get your smile multiple shades whiter, and sometimes one whitening treatment is all that’s needed to achieve your ideal results.

You want to feel confident about your smile as you say your “I do’s” and our Forest Hills, NY, dentist can make this possible with in-office whitening. Call our office today to let us know that you are interested in getting a whiter smile fast.

By Richard H. Lestz DDS, PC
March 25, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants CoupleHave you lost a tooth? Consider replacing it with a dental implant, the most innovative and long-lasting replacement option available today! Your Forest Hills, NY, dentist, Dr. Richard Lestz, can help you decide if dental implants are a good option for you.


An implant restores your entire tooth

The dental implant process doesn't just replace the part of your tooth visible above your gum line, but it also creates a completely new tooth! This restoration starts with the implantation of a tiny, screw-like titanium post in your jawbone. The post serves as a synthetic root and becomes part of your jawbone. Thanks to the unique bonding capability of titanium, your new tooth will be firmly attached to your jawbone just like your natural roots.

Once your implant is completely integrated with your jawbone, your Forest Hill dentist will add an abutment to the top of it, so as to be a connection between the implant and the new dental crown. Crowns look just like natural teeth and not only fill the gap in your smile, but restore your chewing ability as well.


The hidden benefits of dental implants

Dental implants help you reduce your risk of tooth decay by preventing your teeth from shifting, a common problem following tooth loss. An implant prevents your teeth from moving and makes it much easier to brush and floss.

Shifting teeth can also affect your bite, which is the way your teeth fit together. Bite problems cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms including jaw stiffness, headaches, and enamel erosion.

Facial sagging, another potential problem after tooth loss, can also be avoided with dental implants. Sagging occurs when the jawbone shrinks and can no longer adequately support the muscles of the face. Shrinkage, known as resorption, occurs because the bone is no longer stimulated by your tooth roots. Resorption can also lead to loose or missing teeth. Luckily, your new implants will provide the stimulation your jawbone needs to remain healthy.


Interested? contact us today!

Don't let gaps in your teeth keep you from smiling—restore your missing teeth with dental implants! Call Dr. Richard Lestz in Forest Hills, NY, today at (718) 544-9100 to schedule your appointment.

By Richard H. Lestz DDS, PC
January 14, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Cosmetic Dentistry ProceduresHow your cosmetic dentist in Forest Hills, New York can remake your smile.

If your smile isn’t as beautiful as it could be, you can remake it! You can change a dull, uninteresting smile into a work of art. All it takes is the right cosmetic dental procedure and a highly-skilled cosmetic dentist! Dr. Richard H. Lestz in Forest Hills, New York is the cosmetic dentist who can make it happen.

You may be wondering which cosmetic dental procedure is right for you. Consider these cosmetic dental services to make your smile uniquely beautiful, and uniquely yours:

Professional teeth whitening, to remove dark stains, discolorations, and take back the yellow tinge that aging gives your smile; professional teeth whitening delivers dramatic results, up to 8 shades whiter! The results also last far longer than with over-the-counter products, even up to 5 years! Dr. Lestz offers in-office whitening, which takes about an hour and is the quickest method, or a take-home whitening kit which is the most convenient method.

Cosmetic bonding, to repair cracks, fracture lines, tooth wear and other damage, giving you a more harmonious smile; bonding uses composite, a liquid resin that can be matched to the color and shape of your teeth. After placement, the composite is hardened with a dental blue light.

Tooth-colored fillings, to repair areas of tooth decay with a completely metal-free solution; tooth-colored fillings also use composite, so your dental fillings will be virtually invisible in your smile!

Porcelain veneers, to hide large issues like breaks, chips, tooth wear, enamel defects, and other unsightly aesthetic issues; porcelain veneers are thin laminates of exquisite, light-reflecting porcelain which mimics the look of tooth enamel. In some cases, porcelain veneers can even be used to close up small gaps between teeth and to eliminate the appearance of tooth overlap.

These are just a few of the many cosmetic dental procedures for you to choose from. For a complete list of cosmetic dental procedures available, please visit the Services section on the website at

Don’t settle for an ordinary smile when you can have an extraordinary smile! To get started on your new dazzling smile, call Dr. Richard H. Lestz in Forest Hills, New York today!

By Richard H. Lestz DDS, PC
October 30, 2018
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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One of the best ways to cover up teeth that have undergone restorative procedures is through crowns. Your cosmetic dentist in Forest Hills, NY, Dr. Richard H. Lestz, provides crowns through his office—read below to learn if this treatment is right for you!

More About Crowns

Crowns are cap-like porcelain dental restorations. To create them, your Forest Hills cosmetic dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends them to a lab where custom crowns are made just for you. In the meantime, you'll be given a temporary crown.

During restorative procedures, such as root canals, a significant amount of natural tooth is removed. This leaves the tooth exposed to decay and susceptible to breakage, which is why a dental crown is placed over the tooth. The dental crown reinforces the tooth and allows it to withstand various degrees of pressure, meaning you can enjoy eating without the worry of ruining your tooth.

Other Procedures Using Crowns

Here are some other uses that for dental crowns:

  • Attaching bridges
  • Covering stained or discolored teeth
  • Covering dental implants
  • Covering an existing filling that may be dislocated

Caring For Your Crowns

Dental hygiene is crucial for maintaining crowns and your overall oral health.

  • You need to brush twice a day, at least, and floss before bed. Make sure to give special attention to the area around your dental crown by holding your brush at a 40-degree angle to get hard-to-reach areas.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Crowns can last up to 8 years, or more, so be sure to avoid biting into ice and restrict the consumption of sugary products, such as soda and candy.
  • Use a mouth guard, or splints, if you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) to increase the lifespan of your dental crowns.

For more information on dental crowns and what they can do for you, contact cosmetic dentist Dr. Lestz in Forest Hills, NY, as soon as possible by calling (718) 544-9100.

By Richard H. Lestz DDS, PC
September 07, 2018
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants DiagramDental implants are small devices made of bio-compatible titanium material that are designed to restore whole teeth after extraction. Unlike dentures, dental implants are not removable, so they don’t present the same risks of slipping out of place or getting lost. This restorative tooth replacement solution is provided by Dr. Richard Lestz at his dentist office in Forest Hills, NY.

What Are Dental Implants?
Any foreign device that is integrated with the body's natural tissues is defined as an implant. In dentistry, implants are used to replace missing teeth by fusing with the bone tissue in your jaw. A dental implant is made of titanium and very closely resembles a screw. Your bone tissue grows around the ridges of the screw and holds it in place, just as firmly as a healthy natural tooth. Based on estimates published by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, dentists perform up to 300,000 dental implant procedures each year.

Dental Implantation Surgery
Dental implantation is a relatively straightforward procedure and you won’t need to spend much time in the dentist's office. The majority of the treatment period, you'll be waiting for the implant to heal and solidify with your bone tissue. At the first appointment for dental implants, your Forest Hills, NY dentist will check recent x-rays to make sure that there is enough bone to support an implant. If yes, the titanium post will be surgically inserted in the optimal location determined by your dentist. A few months later you'll return to the office to be fitted for a crown, which will perfectly fill the space left by your missing tooth.

Do Dental Implants Last?
There is a good chance that your dental implant will stay healthy and well-rooted indefinitely if you take care of your smile. One of the main benefits of a dental implant is its permanence—it doesn’t have to be replaced every few years. Just protect your smile from gum disease and see your dentist regularly for checkups and to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

See if This Treatment Is Right for You
Now that you know what dental implants are and how they can restore your smile, schedule a consultation to see if you're a candidate. Contact Dr. Richard Lestz at his office in Forest Hills, NY to schedule a visit by calling (718) 544-9100.

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